A brand embodies the recognition value on the market. This applies to companies, organizations, countries and cities. With a brand, societies and customers associate not only the specific characteristics of services, products or governments, but also the general reputation. Strengthening one’s brand and reputation increasingly requires assuming responsibility that has a strong political dimension (see Corporate Responsibility Political - CPR).

Corporate Branding: Political Brand Building

With our branding expertise, we help you establish or redefine your brand. With our political mission statement process and the BPA Strength Filter methodology developed by Dr. Johannes Bohnen, we ensure a successful differentiation of your organization from the competition. We identify the core of your brand – what makes you unique – including the social (and political!) dimension.


Our goal is to optimize the relationship of trust between you, your customers, and the political space through a sharpened brand image. Successful branding achieves considerable competitive advantages that lead to greater market shares and higher profits.

Nation Branding

Unlike commercial brands, the image of states, regions, and cities cannot be changed in a sustainable way through short-term PR measures. Nation Branding therefore goes beyond traditional tourism or investment marketing. A country is not just a "product", it is much more complex. Successfully positioning a nation brand depends on identifying and highlighting the elements of a country that account for its economic and scientific strengths, but also make up its specific culture and identity.


The question of the added value for other regions is to be answered. What contribution does a country, region or city make in the international context? Active and ongoing Nation Branding helps enhance the importance and the reputation of a country (or that of a region or city) as well as its position on the international stage in the long term.


The starting point of our work is a political mission statement process according to BPA’s own methodology, in which we identify and prioritize a country's strengths and condense these into a single positioning sentence. This sentence then becomes the basis for all further communication measures. The mission statement process is a motivating and identity-fostering endeavor for all participants and can also be viewed as an exercise in self-assurance.