Customers and consumers today expect from your business that it proves to be a good corporate citizen. Therefore, solutions are required that bring value equitably to both your company and society as a whole. Only those who are perceived as credible, creative, and powerful actors are seen and heard in society. It is therefore becoming increasingly important that a brand also encompasses a socio-political dimension.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become a nice-to-have that has too short a reach to describe the complex relationship of your company with the larger society around you. Companies are political actors, because as employers, innovators and lobbyists they affect the structures of the communities in which they operate. We replace the old concept with a new one: Corporate Political Responsibility (CPR). (see Publications)


The major issues in the political arena between the government, parliament, organizations and academia pose a major challenge for many companies. That is why interacting with political decision-makers is inevitable. Our experience shows that to say what you want prevents mistrust. Openly declaring that one is acting politically results in the stronger position.


We provide you with our expertise in positioning companies and organizations in the public sphere and develop a strategy with you how you can best meet the sociopolitical expectations of your customers. Imagine our function as a CEO Policy Planning Staff. We show you ways in which you can effectively make use of your influence in politics and society, express wishes, make suggestions and share your expertise.


At the core of our advisory is to create a balance for you between your corporate interests and the interests of society, as well as to optimize your activities in the public domain. With that, we help you achieve win-win solutions for deploying your financial, communicative, and knowledge-based resources.

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